Central Valley Anglers, Lodi, CA - Sign up for membership and/or Big Fish Contest

Thank you for your interest in joining the ranks of The Central Valley Anglers! Please provide the information below to setup your membership and additionally you can opt to be entered into the Annual Big Fish Contest for $15.00 per person/entry. Big Fish contest entrants must be signed up and have their fees paid a minimum of three(3) days prior to entering a fish into the contest.

Please include all members of the family who will be participating in the family membership.
Please include the name of the person this membership is for or The person who already has a membership.
If you or any of your family group would like to sign up for the Annual Big Fish Contest please select the box below and indicate how many people would like to be entered into the contest. If more than one person wants to be entered into the contest you will be asked to provide the names of all those who would like to be entered into the contest. The annual Big Fish Contest is for members only.

Please mark this option if you would like to enter into the contest. Contest Fee is $15.00/per person.
Please list all persons who are signing up for the big fish contest above at $15.00/per participant.
Central Valley Anglers of Lodi

Lodi, CA

President - David Beal

(209) 601-2564

Ted Handel - Big Fish Contest

(209) 479-4172