Kokanee Team Derby 2022 - Entry

Kokanee Team Derby 2022 - Entry

Becoming a member of Central Valley Anglers saves you money on every derby entrance fee. If you are not currently a member, and would like to be, please visit our membership signup page and join HERE

This form is intended to sign up your entire team for entry into the 2022 Kokanee Team Derby. You will be required to submit all names of those on your team (up to 4 members per team) and you will be charged for all entrants at this time. If one or more of your team members are under 16 years of age you will not be charged for that team member however, you will still need to provide their name and count them as part of your team.
Once you submit the required information the appropriate charges will be added to your cart and you will be forwarded to the shopping cart to complete your entry.

Please enter all names of your team members separated by comma's.


Please set the quantity below for all types of entries. If for example their are no children on your team, please set the quantity to zero.
How many of your listed team members are 15 years old or younger?


How many of your team members have a CVA membership


How many of your team members do not have a CVA membership (DO NOT INCLUDE CHILDREN in this count)
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