Annual Big Fish Contest

Annual Big Fish Contest 2022 - Winners

Striped Bass-Grover Bethards, 25 1/4 inches at the fork, 7.2 pounds. Target 25 1/2
Kokanee-Richard Contreras, 2.58 pounds
Sturgeon-Freddy Nakagawa, 55 inches, 36 pounds. Target 60 inches
Salmon-Richard Morgan, 24.4 Pounds
Trout-Jack Paich, 7.50 pounds

Annual Big Fish Contest

The annual big fish contest is divided into five categories by species. In order to enter the contest you mush be a CVA member. To become a Central Valley Anglers member click HERE

  • Salmon
  • Stripers
  • Kokanee
  • Trout
  • Sturgeon

The biggest fish in each contest for that species will win a cash prize at the years end.*
The more entries, the bigger the prizes!



*For the complete contest rules please contact us.

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