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Central Valley Anglers Lodi was formed in 2007. CVAL is a growing family-friendly fishing club that strives to improve understanding and knowledge of fisheries in the California Central Valley. As a club, we hold derbies for Trout, Kokanee, Striped Bass, Sturgeon, Salmon and other fun events. Currently, derbies are held from the motherlode reservoirs down to the San Joaquin Delta.

Our monthly meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month at Country Café, 18700 Hwy 88, Lockeford, and dinner is available starting at 5:15 pm, meeting starts at 6:30 pm followed by a dream fisherman's raffle. Most meetings include a guest speaker covering topics of interest.

Please join us and FISH ON!

President's Message

Welcome to Central Valley Anglers monthly Presidents Message. This monthly message will attempt to keep members and guest updated on club news, activities and project updates.

Hello everyone,
It’s April and the fish are biting. If your a saltwater fishing person, the Halibut are super active in the San Francisco Bay with lots of reports of big fish being caught. Salmon opened up on April 2nd with good reports of a lot of nice mid-size fish being hauled in. As for fresh water, the foothill lakes are all kicking out limits of quality fish with speedy shiners & grubs being the go to baits. And then you come to the San Joaquin/Sacramento Delta area. The Stripers are kicking off, and as usual, the San Joaquin side is producing daily limits in areas from Eddo’s up to Prisoners Point. Launching in a location in the Central Delta which allows us convenient access to both the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers has suddenly become a major issue with the closure of Brannon Island State Recreation area. What a major blunder State Parks has made in this closure, kicking sand in our faces and denying our use of this facility!

Due to this closure CVA has had to cancel one of our most popular and successful fishing derbies, as alternative locations are unable to be obtained at this late date. We are saddened by this decision, but after much review we had no other option. We are hoping for and planning on a fall derby in November. At this time, and trying to avoid being political, I can find no good words or thoughts to say about Cal Parks & Rec. Attempts to speak with them regarding this matter has fallen on deaf ears and I really think they could care less. Now is the time for you to call your local State Representatives (Senators & Assembly Members) to express your dissatisfaction with this closure and demand action in getting the park reopened. They seem to respond to unhappy voters!!! Meanwhile, several other facilities are available, but be advised to get there early to get parking space and avoid Bass Derbies.

CVA will do its best to keep you informed of any updates on Brannon as it becomes available. Get out there and get in some fishing, it’s a great time of year to be on the water.

Jim Fernandes
President, CVA

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